Individual Psychotherapy

Because of my training and experience I’m uniquely able to create an informed opinion about which treatment—psychotherapy, medication or a combination of the two—is the better path for you.  In my assessments, I trust in the enduring strength embedded within the human condition.  My experience tells me that relief for your emotional pain usually is possible through a patient-therapist partnership that is established in an understanding, safe, and trusting environment.

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Couples Therapy

In a marriage, or other forms of partnership, I see each member as an individual, with his or her own set of emotional issues, as well as a partner in the dyad. I do not believe that the problem is always evenly divided between the partners.  Sometimes one member’s vulnerabilities unbalance the relationship and evoke a further unbalancing response from the other. This creates an ongoing dynamic that eventually develops a secondary life of its own.

I look for the healthy positives that exist within the couple, sometimes buried yet still present.

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The Family Business Doctor

As The Family Business Doctor I listen to the business’s multiple, seemingly separate complaints, and usually hear them as emanating from a single set of core issues. This nuanced way of thinking is an extension of my medical training where I learned that the multiple, seemingly unrelated, symptoms usually have a single unifying cause.

My psychoanalytic orientation helps me explore, unearth, and identify the hidden and not-so-hidden elements that sit at the emotional core of the business’s pain.

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